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Hottest Things to Say During Cam Sex, Phone Sex Escorts In Hyderabad

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Hottest Things to Say During Cam Sex, Phone Sex by Escorts In Hyderabad

Cam Sex, Phone sex can be an exciting addition to a boring relationship — turning up the heat and leaving you and your partner yearning for more. “It is a tool to evoke a sexual fantasy, and if it helps to excite you, there is no harm in trying something new,” says Snigda Escorts In Hyderabad.

It may sound strange to you at first, but Cam Sex, phone sex is not actually as weird as you think. All you have to do is drop your inhibitions, share your steamy desires with him and leave the rest on your respective erotic imaginations. But remember, all words and no actions isn’t the way to go — masturbate simultaneously to lift your libido. So tune into your soft husky voice and start talking dirty, we tell you what to say:

Escorts In Hyderabad
Escorts In Hyderabad

“Do you want to know what I am wearing?” Cam Sex, Phone Sex Escorts In Hyderabad
The safest yet the most suggestive conversation starter, this is sure to give him the hint as to what’s on your mind. First of all, you have to look good to be able to feel good about yourself, so throw on that sexy lingerie and make yourself feel beautiful from within. Next, simply whisper into the phone and tell him the efforts you’ve made — after all, it feels good to be appreciated.

“I am thinking of you right now”
Close your eyes and imagine that your guy is right there with you, visualise his every move and do it to yourself.  You have to feel aroused and in the moment to be able to stimulate any erotic emotion in him. Touch yourself in the most sensuous way you can imagine and just pretend it’s him. Have a little fun with your body to get you in the mood — just remember to verbalise every little thing you’re doing to yourself. Don’t worry if you feel a little tongue-tied, as you get into the mood, the words will start flowing.

“I wish we were together…”
Think of those erotic sexual encounters you have had together in the past and draw inspiration from them. Tell him how desperately you want to hold him close to you and how you cannot wait for the time you’ll be together again. The feeling of longing and desperation is what’s going to intensify this experience and help exceed your expectations.

“I love the way you’re making me feel”
Tell him you are hot for him right now — nothing boosts a man’s confidence more than knowing the effect he’s having on you. Let him know how the thought of him touching you is driving you crazy with desire. A little moaning and grunting should help up the ante. However, don’t focus on being too creative with your words. Simply go with the flow and enjoy the lascivious state you are in.

“How does that make you feel?”
Gauge if your partner is suddenly too quiet for your liking. If so, get him back in on the action by asking him what he is doing or feeling at the moment. Ask him exactly what he’d do to you if you were with him right now. If he is a little too on the coy side, ask him simple questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to get the ball rolling and help him shed his inhibitions.

“Are you ready for me now?”
Don’t hold back if you’ve reached climax as that is what takes it to the point of eargasm. Give him everything he wants to hear — the groans, the sighs and the heavy breathing — to leave him hanging till he spills. In the end, tell him how good it felt and how you simply want to cuddle up with him.

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