Erotic Mom & son roleplay Cam & Phone Sex Fantasy: Teenage Son Seduces Mommy 

Mommy CAM & Phone Sex

Mommy CAM & Phone Sex

Hi there, I am Snigda a sexy, mature Cam & phone sex Indian mommy. I would love to explore your family fun fantasies with you. I know it’s not uncommon for young boys to think about being with their mother. In fact, from a mother’s perspective I fully understand.  We are told or so it is understood, that having sexual desires towards your own mother is very taboo and shouldn’t even be entertained in one’s mind.  However, being a real life Mom as well as a phone sex mommy, I understand this desire. So with that said; I don’t believe there is anything wrong with enjoying an incestuous relationship with your children and would love to play your Mommy in a sexual phone sex fantasy with you!

I have learned throughout my years providing  Indian mommy Cam & phone sex fantasies that many men have guilt over their desire to be with their mother. It makes sense to me; we carry you in our womb, we give birth to you, we breast feed you, and nurture your every need.  A mother son bond is a very special bond created very early on in life. Let me assure you from both a mother’s perspective as well as a mommy phone sex expert that your mother has looked at you before with desire. Of course desire comes in many forms, but what I’m talking about here is engaging in a sexual relationship with your child.

Son comforts Mom in time of need

I recently enjoyed a very steamy and erotic mommy son phone sex role play session with a very special caller. To begin this incest fantasy role play we set up the scene and I had just gone lingerie shopping. I was so excited about my new purchases!  In fact, I was hoping it would jump start the sexual part of my marriage. As I was unloading the bags out of my car the house phone rang.  My teenage son yelled from the house that Dad was on the phone. I hurriedly carried the bags in and dropped them on the kitchen table.  It was my husband on the phone letting me know he wasn’t going to make it home until really late and not to wait up for him.  My son could see my face of excitement and happiness fade as the conversation with Dad came to an end.

Looking very disappointed my son asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing and not to worry himself over it. He kept pushing the issue until I finally admitted that I had gotten some new lingerie and I was hoping to model it that night for his Dad. I heard him mutter under his breath that his Dad didn’t deserve such a beautiful woman. Next he suggested that I model it for him. I told him I didn’t think that would be a good idea. Wanting to see a smile on his Mom’s face he insisted and pushed me and my shopping bags towards the bedroom.

Mommy model sexy lingerie for son

I am not sure what came over me, but I finally agreed. My son removed the items from the shopping bags and said, “C’mon Mom put them on and show me what you got today” and exited the room.  He said to call him when I was ready.  I figured why not so I put on a pair of black pair of thigh high stockings, a black corset, with crotch less panties and pair of high heels. When I finished dressing, I yelled that I was ready. I could tell my son was aroused the minute he walked into my bedroom. I blushed at the thought I was turning my own teenage son on.

My son walked up to me putting his arms around me, pulling me close to him. He whispered to me that I was sexy and beautiful. He pulled his head back just enough to give me a kiss on the lips. I knew it was wrong but it had been so long since I had been kissed with such desire, I felt myself melting into my son’s arms.

In one swift swoop my strong teenage son picked me up and carried me over to the bed where he gently laid me down. I watched as he quickly undressed himself.  In a dream like state I completely let the idea of this sexy young man being my own son, go right out the window. I was shocked at the size of his cock; it looked so much bigger than his Dad’s. I pushed the thought of my husband out of my mind and decided to just enjoy what was happening or what was about to happen.

Mommy son phone sex fantasies done your way

Our mommy son phone sex fantasy continued on with some very steamy and erotic sex talk.   We really enjoyed each other’s company during our erotic incest phone sex playtime together too.  I had forgotten how much stamina a younger man has! Needless to say, it doesn’t bother me anymore that my husband stays late at work and even out of town these days! This sexual relationship with my son is exactly what we both needed.  Pleasing each other in ways we once did when he was younger; but now x-rated and so much more fun!

If you have some unresolved mommy issues and feel the need for some “closeness” with your Mom, then call me!  I’m INDIAN Mommy Snigda and I’ll give you just what you’re looking for; sexually speaking via adult xXX -rated fantasy role play.   Whether your sexual needs are either playful and erotic, or not so much, I’m here for you.  What I mean by that is I’m also up for forceful rape fantasies too.  If your mommy issues involve something a little more wicked on the spectrum let’s do it.

I am here to make all your incest phone sex fantasies come true!  Pick up the phone and let me make your mommy son phone sex fantasies a reality with a personalized session today!


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